australia faq

1. Can I work in Australia while studying?
You must have a work permit or condition attached to your visa in order to be able to do so.

2. Can my dependents work in Australia?
There are no restrictions on postgraduate students. 20 hours per week for TAFE and Higher Education students.

3. How do I get a tax file number and do I need one?
You’ll need one for banking and employment purposes. You can get a application form from your education provider or your nearest post office.

4. Can I convert my tourist or business class visa to a student visa while in Australia?

Applicants from assessment level 1 & 2 countries are permitted to do so. For applicants from level 3 & 4, they are also permitted to do so but under special circumstances. 


5. Can I apply for packaged programs?
Yes, all students are permitted to do so.

6. Does the Australian embassy accept faxed copies of Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE)?

Student visa requirements
7. Do I need to notify anyone about change in address?
For visa labels 8506, notification must be made to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship within 2 working days before moving to new address.
For visa labels 8533, the university must be notified within 7 days of moving to the new address.

8. Do I need Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)?
Yes, it is compulsory by law.

9. Can I change or modify my program after initial enrolment?
Yes, subject to approval from the relevant Head of School or nominee.
If the new course has a longer duration than the initial one, then the student will have to apply for a new visa.

10. Can I change to another institution within the first 12 months of my program?
This is subject to conditions attached to your visa. DIMA may approve transfers only in exceptional circumstances.

11. What is a full time program of study?
A full time student takes 18 or more units of study in a term at the time of the census date and 36 or more units in a year at each of the three census dates.

12. Can I re-enroll in summer/spring school after withdrawing from a course?
No, this is not permitted.

13. What pace of academic progress is required to fulfil visa requirements?
The Australian government considers students completing their programs within a standard duration to be making satisfactory progress.

14. What is unsatisfactory progress?
Your education provider has specific guidelines addressing this.

15. What do I do if I am not happy with my academic progress?
You should contact the Academic Coordinator, Head of School/Faculty or the International Student Support Officer.

16. Can I extend my student visa in Australia?
This is possible if your current visa has no ‘further stay’ conditions.

17. Can I apply for a leave of absence?
International students are not permitted to undertake this option.

18. If I cancel my program or enrolment, how soon will I have to leave Australia?
28 working days following completion of program.


19. If I complete my program early, am I entitled to remain in Australia for the duration of my student visa?

20. After completing my program, can I apply for a tourist visa?
You must check with the immigration department regarding your eligibility.



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