College Admission Procedures in Canada

Most of the Canadian universities and other higher educational Institutions have their own application guidelines and deadlines. Overseas students are therefore advised to start the application procedures well in advance. Once students decide the institution(s) that they are interested in, they are advised to write directly to them to receive the application procedure and detailed requirements for acceptance. It is also good to inquire about scholarships and other financial aid details and staying facilities. Students should apply for a student authorization at the nearest Canadian diplomatic mission after being accepted by an institution for a program of study in Canada. In order to apply for a student authorization, overseas students need the following documents:

  • A valid passport.
  • Letter of acceptance from the respective Canadian University, college or other institution where the student is enrolled.
  • Evidence of adequate funds to cover tuition and living costs of students and their dependents (if any), including return transportation.
  • If applicable, a letter from the student’s sponsor.
  • A letter of reference from a dependable person in your community will help.
  • In some cases, a medical examination by a doctor designated by the Canadian government may be needed. The immigration officer will provide information about this requirement.

An exception to the above exists for citizens and permanent residents of the important countries such as the United States, St. Pierre, Miquelon and Greenland, who may apply for the student authorization at a Canadian port of entry. Otherwise, the same documents are required to apply in Canada for all students.



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