This type of visa, which gives legal rights to your spouse, partner, child or dependant to join you in another country to visit, live and even work and have your children attend school (which depending on the country is often free).

For example, those already with a work visa or student visa are oftentimes allowed to bring a dependant/child or spouse/partner with them during their studies or employment with an approved application.

If you are currently holding a visa and want to sponsor your family to visit you as a tourist, or to come and live with you, you are eligible to apply for a spouse/partner or child/dependant visa through various routes.

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    Family visas are also available based on which type of visa you currently hold:

    • Student Visa: Available to the family or dependants of someone who holds a student visa or has recently graduated with a post-study stay-back. This varies depending on which country you study abroad in, but visa typically allows the holder to work full-time.
    • Skilled worker: Available to the family or dependants of someone who holds a working visa for another country. If you are sponsored as a worker in healthcare, you can apply for your entire family to come and join you to visit or to live, work and go to school.
    • Permanent residency Visa: Available to the family and dependants of a citizen or permanent resident from another country. This will allow the visa holder to visit, or live, work and go to school in that country.

    Quite often after receiving this type of visa, our clients are interested in migrating further and applying for Permanent Residency (PR). If this is something you eventually would like to achieve, visit our Permanent Residency page, or contact us for more information on the process.



    Each visa application is different depending on the person and country you are applying for. To see if you are eligible, or to get advice on other visas not mentioned, please contact us for a consultation and we can begin the process!


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    Harsimrat Kaur Jhand, Punjab

    UK Student Visa

    “Thank you universal team for my masters admission at Ulster university UK. I had UK and Europe student visa refusal before approaching universal. They have processed my case well professionally and convinced the university and embassy that I am a genuine student.”

    uk spouse visa

    Jeevan Kumar, Punjab

    UK Spouse Visa

    “Thank you very much Universal team.”

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    Ann Jerry Pereira

    Student Visa - Lambton College, Canada

    “ Thanks, Universal, for fulfilling my dream to Study Abroad.”


    Sunitha Mary


    “ Thank You, Universal team, for making my abroad study dream come true. Your crew has helped me to find the best university and program. I am glad to get a scholarship and other benefits from the university through you guys. ”


    Reshma Reghu


    “ Universal has helped to process my Canada partner visa. Since my husband is totally busy in Canada I was worried about the visa application and submission of mine and child. Universal’s experienced visa team has given all the guidance and documentation for our visa process and successfully issued my visa without any delay. ”


    PR Prabhakumar

    Family PR

    “ I am one of the oldest customers of Universal. I approached universal for carrier guidance to select the right stream soon after my study. The proper guidance I have got then has helped me to settle in my life. Now I have a big list of visas I have processed through Universal that includes my work permit, my partner’s visa, my child’s UK passport, my family PR, my UK Citizenship, and now my parent’s long term visit visa. It is a long journey with Universal since 2006 and I can blindly recommend them to any person for the quality service they are providing for the last 10 years. ”

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