This category of immigration is specifically designed for those applicants who intend to reside in the province of Quebec and has a different set of criteria from the other provinces.

A single application under this category must score a minimum of 50 points and an applicant with a spouse or common law partner must score a minimum of 57 points.

The requirements are listed below:


 Points Allocated


 Up to 29 points

 Validated Employment Offer

 Up to 10 points


 Up to 9 points


 Up top to 18 points

 Language Proficiency

 Up to 22 points

 Stay and Family in Quebec

 Up to 9 points

 Spouses Characteristics

 Up to 18 points


 Up to 8 points

 Financial Self-Sufficiency

 1 point

A further 8 points may be awarded upon completion of and interview for Adaptability.  In this case a single applicant must score a minimum of 59 points and applicants with spouses must score a minimum of 68 points.

For more information on applying under this visa category please contact one of our immigration advisors.

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